My blog is anonymous but I am happy to share these mini reviews!



Dinner at the Happy Skeleton ~ Chris Chalmers

Exceptionally well written and amusing account of Dan, a gay man enjoying and not enjoying life in the Noughties. Full of laugh-out-loud descriptions and poignant insights. 


Reality Rehab ~ Lisa Mary London

A group of celebrities who have seen better days enter a new reality show. On one level it is an entertaining romp with enough to entertain and keep you turning the pages. On another level it is a satire and quite a dark portrayal of how we, and celebrities, are manipulated to care.


Exquisite ~ Sarah Stovell

Another cracking read from Orenda which kept me guessing until the very end. An exceptionally well crafted novel with characters I cared about - even the wicked ones.


The Other Twin ~ L V Hay

Orenda Books do it again and prove that they can spot the books that get people talking. 

India is dead. Did she kill herself? Her sister is determined to find out and starts by looking closely at India's Social Media accounts.

It seems that India frequented some strange bars and mixed with the elite of the seaside town of Brighton in the UK.

What are they hiding?

How far will they go to keep their secrets?

Who is Jenny?


More books to rave(n) about coming soon

Favourite Books


At Swim, Two Boys ~ Jamie O'Neill

I adore this book and discover new things with each re-reading. Every sentence is poetry.


The Gormenghast Trilogy ~ Mervyn Peake

The BBC series was superb but the books are better.


Great Expectations ~ Charles Dickens

I think that this novel from the master is his most satisfying.